Hiku Happenings

Dear Backers,

FAQ Posted

Thanks for all the emails and inquiries! In order to efficiently answer all your questions, we’ve started an FAQ page and have posted initial answers to frequently asked questions over at


Online Orders

For those who missed the campaign, Hiku is available for pre-order direct from our website for a limited time at a reduced price. Head on over to our online store at


for product that will ship by October 2018, with plenty of time for Christmas.

Continuing R&D

We have a number of items in the works that will complement Hiku. Although it’s not yet time to announce anything specific, we are so happy to now have more time to focus on moving some of these projects forward too.

Backer Surveys

Surveys are still trickling in. If for some reason you are one of the backers who has not filled out a survey, please do so immediately so that we can ship your Hiku out.


Team Kanso

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