Hiku is Shipping!

Dear Backers,

We’re back in Canada now and all that travel is the main reason for our breaking the two week routine of bi-weekly updates which we did 23 consecutive times. A lot has happened since the last update – but none more important than Hiku shipments!

We are enormously pleased that many of you who will be reading this will be doing so with Hiku in your possession. Assembly, packing and shipping to almost 30 different countries took some time and the vast majority of backers around the world have now received their product. 

It has been an extremely busy time so now that we have a moment to pause and take a breath we wanted to say thank you for all the kind words of encouragement and support along the way. While it’s true that we tried our best to run the best campaign we could, there have been a few small glitches along the way. This update is meant to catch up on some of those issues as well as to inform you of our future plans in the coming weeks.

Canadian Backers

Sorry, Canada! We want to extend an extra nod of appreciation to our home country Canadian backers who are having to wait the longest for their Hikus. Those units are on their way to our office now and will be shipped from Canada. As much as it’s been invaluable to supervise production and assembly on-site in Asia, it’s was definitely time to go home and we’ve brought Hikus with us ;) Thanks again for your patience.

Shipment Packaging and Handling

Some backers have noted that couriers in their local region handled their packages very roughly, resulting in dented boxes or crushed corners. There isn’t much we can do about that — as this is what packaging is for. We know the gift box is of very high quality and the EVA foam insert also provides excellent crush protection in transit. A few have found that the stainless steel handle popped out of the foam insert from the rough handling and scratched Hiku. As soon as we found out about this problem, we took steps to secure the contents even better and other units went out with these revisions in place. If you are one of those who had their Hiku scratched from this problem, please contact us directly at info@kansocoffee.com and we’ll be sure to make it right.

Initial Use 

Hiku comes ready to use out of the box. We do not recommend disassembling the product right away as it is carefully assembled and calibrated from the factory to perform optimally. However, if you like, you could wipe down the burrset by removing just the inner burr. This is done by using the included hex key to undo JUST the single screw at the bottom that is centered in the black anodized round plate. Set that single screw aside and pull out the plate and inner burr. If they are too tight to remove easily, place a towel on a hard surface like a kitchen countertop, remove the grind cup and place Hiku upright on the towel. Twist the stepless adjustment ring to 2.2, remove the handle and the lid and set aside. Place a soft cloth on top of Hiku and gently tap it. The inner burr and round plate should come free. Wipe down the burrs with a clean cloth or towel and reassemble. Hiku is ready for use!


We expect to post an FAQ soon to address common questions and care and maintenance. We will then update the information with some disassembly / reassembly instructions once all Canadian shipments have been released.


Enjoy the end of summer and we’ll be following the comments closely. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact us by email at info@kansocoffee.com so that we can help address each one privately.


Amanda and team

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