Hiku Production Update 10

Dear Backers,

Production is in full swing now and soon we’ll prepare for the final trip to see our production facilities and the finished components before assembly. Hiku needs precision machining and fine post-processing so we won’t be talking about assembly or shipments again until at least the next update.

Survey Coming Soon

Backers can soon expect to see a survey so that we may collect your shipping address and details.

Hiku Sound Signature Reveal

No premium hand coffee grinder marketing campaign would be complete without a frequency plot and some acoustic analysis, right? Thank you for the replies, comments and educated guesses on our little Hikoustics quiz! The correct answer is the first plot from the last update was Hiku. A few readers got the answer right; Hiku’s distinct grinding experience includes significantly more energy (sounds) in the lower frequency ranges than the other two premium grinders in the comparison. Trusted supporters and coffee geeks who have tried Hiku agree that its sound signature is different – more pleasing and noticeably satisfying to use. We hope you agree that Hiku has the tactile and sensory experience to match its top flight grind output.

Below is a short video we created to demonstrate what we are talking about. Note: the order of the grinders in the video is not the same as the frequency plots in the previous Update.




We’ve had the luxury of being able to spend time on packaging details. The gift box looks especially stunning in the final colour (black on black) with debossed lettering. We’ll leave you with one image that sums up how close we are getting to a successful campaign.

Have a great two weeks, and we’ll keep obsessing the details.


Amanda and team

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