Kanso are coffee products designed and owned by  A-Z Demand, a multidisciplinary product design studio.
Kanso is more than a brand, but a philosophy of design and lifestyle. 
The term Kanso is translated from Japanese “簡素”. Our design style is deeply inspired by the culture of Japanese aesthetics and the philosophy of Zen. Kanso means "things are expressed in a plain, simple, natural manner". The design is not in terms of decoration but in terms of clarity, a kind of clarity that may be achieved through omission or exclusion of the non-essential. It also dictates that "beauty and utility need not be overstated, overly decorative, or fanciful".
We believe that the beauty of design comes from the most minimal form and integrates with the elements of nature, where you find this idea from Kanso.
Our Goal
Coffee products as ordinary everyday use consumer goods, Kanso intends to build the beautiful design with affordable price. We do not comprise on the quality and choice of material, but to find the best manufacturing process in order to cut down the costs. We wish to share our values and visions with more people.